Fine tune your vehicle with absolute adjustability using our ER Type system. It features large external reservoirs front and rear, separate rebound and compression adjustment and a twin-piston design.


The external reservoirs hold much more oil than conventional coilovers, allowing the unit to operate for much longer before overheating.


Additionally, the external reservoirs also house the secondary piston, which allows for the adjustment of compression.


This is the perfect coilover system for the person who wants to fine-tune their setup using the separate 30-way rebound and compression tuning dials.

ER Type ER

Front : With external reservoir and Pillowball top mount

Rear : With external reservoir and Pillowball top mount

30-level Damping force adjustment

External reservoir

Seperate compression and rebound adjustment

Separate compression and rebound adjustment

Twin pistons design

Available for overhaul

from R25,515 inc VAT